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The Season of the Plough

Book I of the Travalaith Saga

Luke R. J. Maynard    12 July 2019     334 pages

Trade Paperback $15.99 USD / $18.99 CAD

Hardcover $28.00 USD / $36.00 CAD

Ebook $3.99 USD / $4.99 CAD

Raised by an exiled Banlander to fulfill a dubious prophecy, Aewyn comes of age believing herself to be the Chosen One, right up until the moment that a local tax dispute and a looming civil war conspire to destroy the prophecy and all who come into contact with it.

When she is forced to choose between saving the world and protecting a single farming village, will Aewyn sacrifice the heroic destiny she always wanted to save her people?

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9781989542019   (e-book)

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