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I Have The Best Words - Cover.jpg

I Have The Best Words

Classic Poems Made Even Greater By An Anonymous Genius of Stagerring Genius

Anonymous, ed. by William Grouse    11 September 2020     60 pages

Trade Paperback $10.99 USD / $12.99 CAD

Is this guy for real?!

It's natural to ask how seriously we should take this collection of twenty-three classic poems, rewritten or "corrected" by a certain anonymous poet whose "voice" is—well—deeply idiosyncratic.

Equal parts audacious, fallacious, and braggadocius, this quirky volume is much more than a "gag gift" for politically-minded friends and frustrated English majors. It's a deeply poignant look at the ungainly spirit of this historic time of upheaval, filtered through the beady, narcissistic eyes of perhaps its most unlikely observer.

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