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Everything Wants To Live

/ That Most Foreign of Veils

A Cynehelm Classic Double

Luke R. J. Maynard    30 March 2020     page count 68

Trade Paperback $6.00 USD / $6.00 CAD

Ebook $0.99 USD / $0.99 CAD

Revisit the bygone days of the classic "dos-a-dos" pulp stories with the new Cynehelm Classic Doubles series!

The pairing of two spine-tingling tales matches the dark gnostic journey of a Yemeni emigrée seeking ancient occult wisdom with the fable of a man who gives his body to science—only to lose more than he ever bargained for.

In Everything Wants to Live, a jaded programmer at the end of his rope makes a fatal deal to test the limits of his boss's latest advancements in bioorganic computing inside his own body. As his sentience bleeds between man and machine, Alan Church must ask himself whether this profound technological awakening will lead to his evolution... or his extermination.

In That Most Foreign of Veils, earthly alienation informs a young woman's journey into a truly alien realm beyond the known world, to a place of primordial cold that hides the forbidden secrets of sleeping forces too terrible to name.

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