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William Grouse

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I Have The Best Words: Classic Poems Made Even Greater By An Anonymous Genius of Stagerring Genius

LIST $10.99 US / $12.99 CAN

This book was written by me, a genius. I saw the best words written throughout history by some very fine poets, tremendous poets, many people said so, and I though, what if a big GENIUS took the best poems and made them EVEN BETTER?!

Compiled & edited by Bill Grouse—terrific guy, I like him a lot—this collection of classic poems has been, shell we say, "trumped up" for a generation who doesn't have time for all that old stuff. Nobody knows poetry like I do. I think it's going to be the most-watched poetry book in America.

Coming Soon
William Grouse is a freelance writer,    frustrated poet,        humorist,   and    editor.     A founding member of the National Proofraders' Association, he      specializes       in        literary       projects  that    are    as    poorly    justified  as    this paragraph.
I Have The Best Words is his first edition for Cynehelm Press.
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